A great initiative aimed at Professional and Passionate Photographers who, in this difficult period to physically leave for distant destinations, want to “pull out” their best travel stories from their drawers and tell them with a high-level photographic narrative vision.

Starring, with e Isp, proposes TRAVEL TALES AWARD, an extended initiative for the promotion of authorial projects related to Travel Photography, in collaboration with the magazine Il Fotografo,  Viaggio portal, Colorno Photo Life Festival and OTTO Gallery.

The 2021 edition of the Award saw the participation of over 200 authors, with a first selection of 50 stories, and a series of stories awarded in various ways, which you can see in the dedicated section TTA  2021 edition.

By “Travel Photography” we mean series and personal photographic projects linked to the theme and charm of the journey itself, to the pleasure of traveling as a metaphor and lifestyle. We are looking for real travel stories, told with originality and creativity that tell in a personal way the story of travels made anywhere in the world and in any way and style of travel.

We will evaluate the spirit and planning capacity of both the journey and the rhythm and photographic narrative style. We are NOT looking for series of postcards, but photographic STORIES, well developed and able to tell the places, the encounters, the emotions, and also the traveler himself and his way of placing himself in his situation as an itinerant nomad.

It doesn’t matter that the stories are focused on reportage, people, customs, urban or rural environments, nature, wild life, parties and folklore, cities, streets, the important thing is that they are STORIES and are told well! Tell us about when you left with a backpack and a Moleskine or with a camper in which you loaded everything.

Show us where you pitched your tent or show us your luxury hotel, but don’t be trivial: we want to reward the best travel stories expressed with a photographic sequence of high emotional value. Well those who use GPS and those who prefer paper maps. Good for those who start with the latest model camera and those who prefer to shoot with their mobile phone obtaining extraordinary results from a visual point of view.

Excellence does not come from technology, but from the ability to tell stories using any available medium These STORIES must convey the very meaning of the journey, the emotional mood, the spirit of the traveler that goes far beyond that of the tourist or the photographer looking for only perfect shots.

We are looking for original and fascinating stories that tell travelers and their travel in any way characterized by an excellence of photographic language. The sea, the desert and the people, the mountains and the reportage are all right.


In 2022 we are also starting with a specific initiative dedicated to Instagram: it will be enough to publish a beautiful travel photograph on  Instagram with the hashtag # TTA2022 to participate in the selections of 20 authors who will have the pleasure of seeing their 20 images shot on our IG channel, and published in the dedicated section “Travel World Pics” of the Photographic Travel site. The Travel World Pics section will also be created with the 20 images selected in the number 11 of Cities, due out in November 2022.

February 7th

Opening Call subscriptions, sign in on the button up right menu or log in if you already registered

May 16th

Call End, subscriptions closed.
Make sure you sent us the Wt with your payed stories

June 15th

Publication of finalists with relative rewards

August 26th

Colorno Palace - Exhibition opening and presentation of the Travel Tales II book at Colorno Photo Life

October 1st

Rome - Award ceremony and exhibition at OTTO Gallery