For the second year, the TTA  World Pics  initiative, linked to Instagram, has been added to the path of stories:  among  all those who  have published images on IG  with the hashtag #TTA2023 selections  have been made, and among the more than 4,200  images published, 120 images have been sent to vote, which between 10 and 21 May have received on TTA more than 25,000 likes😊 among the finalists, the authors of the first of the TWO TTA World Pics exhibitions have been confirmed.

24 selected images make up the exhibition “#TRAVELGRAM BY CCF” which has opened on July 1  in  Corigliano Calabro Fotografia,  set up with the other important exhibitions scheduled at the Festival in the splendid rooms of the Castle of Corigliano Calabro – Rossano.

The authors, from all over the world: Anna Consilia Alemanno, Giovanna Aryafara, Patrizia Calì, Mariano Francesco Ciaccio, Samuele Dall’Asta, Eric Davidove, Chiara Felmini, Valentina Gasparre, Roberto Malagoli, Marco Marcone, Stefano Miniati, Corrada Onorifico, Ravey Pandey, Marco Parenti, Laura Pierangeli, Stefano Pozzi, Robertino Radovix, Juan Carlos Rodriguez(pector), Massimo Russo, Antonella Salaroli, Michele Sensini, Tam Siesto, Luciana Trappolino, Annette Van Dijk-Leek.

The exhibitions offer an interesting insight into what Photographers produce and consider Travel Photography nowadays: no longer just beautiful sunsets and spectacular scenery, but portraits, reportages, even street photography, which make up a multiethnic and sociological scenario on the current world.

24 selected images make  up the exhibition “#TRAVELGRAM BY CCF”