A great initiative aimed at Professional and Passionate Photographers who want to “pull out” their best travel shots, Portfolios and stories and partecipate to an Award with  high-level photographic visions.

TTA 2023 edition will be done by Starring with e Isp, in partnership  with the magazine Il Fotografo,  Viaggio, Corigliano Calabro Fotografia Festival, Colorno Photo Life Festival, Plovdiv PhotoSaloon and OTTO Gallery.

The 2022 edition of the Award saw the participation of more then 150 authors, with a first selection of 50 stories, and a series of stories awarded in various ways, which you can see in the dedicated section TTA  2022 edition.

The 2022 World Pics call, reserved to single shots,  has also had a great success, with almost 4000 picture published on IG with the hashtag #TTA2022, and 40 selected photos for the exhibition in Colorno.

By “Travel Photography” we mean series and personal photographic projects linked to the theme and charm of the journey itself, to the pleasure of traveling as a metaphor and lifestyle.

We are looking for photographic SHOTS and STORIES, well developed and able to tell the places, the encounters, the emotions, and also the traveler himself and his way of placing himself in his situation as an itinerant nomad.

To paertecipate at the Award is easy: sign in on the button up right menu or log in if you already registered

TTA WORLD PICS #2023 starts again on February 1, 2023, with great news! The images published on IG with the ashtag #TTA2023 will compete for NOT one but TWO exhibitions!

The first, with about thirty works, will be exhibited at the Corigliano Calabro Festival, one of the historic Italian photography festivals, thanks to the partnership established with the patron Gaetano Gianzi, who is also co-opted into  the jury of the TTA 2023.  The exhibition will open at the Festival, on July 1, 2023.

The second large collective exhibition, with 30/40 works, will take place for the second year at the Colorno festival, in September 2023.

In addition, the works selected for the exhibitions will be exhibited in February 2024 at the great gathering organized by Viaggio Fotografico in Milan, which will close the TTA 2023 edition to launch the 2024 edition!

Another novelty,  the jury will select the works among the 100 most voted images (with more likes) on IG! We thought that a popular jury, composed of all those who attend the social platform and who will like their favorite images and authors is perfect to sift through the thousands of images that will be published with the ashtag #TTA2023 on Instagram and indicate the 100 images from which to select the winners for the two exhibitions!

February 1st / February 14, 2023

Opening Call subscriptions single shots call on IG, hashtag #TTA2023, and on February 14 opening stories subscriptions.

May / July 2023

Closing of entries for Instagram call for World Pics and for the TTA Award, selection procedures and notices to finalists.

july / October 2023

World Pics exhibitions in Corigliano and Colorno.
Publications selected portfolios on Il Fotografo, Cities, interviews on Noc Sensei etc.etc.

November 2023

Award Ceremony in Rome.
Exhibition of 10 stories at Otto Gallery

February 2024

Presentation of the book Travel Tales III at the event of Viaggio Fotografico, with the launch of TTA 2024 edition 🙂