Among the 50 projects selected at the end of May, the winning “travel stories” of the various activities will be confirmed as follows:

an overall winner and two honorable mentions will be declared, which will receive: the winning overall project will be able to take advantage of a photographic trip to Italy of a maximum value of € 700 to be chosen from those scheduled on the website (the transport costs to the place of start of the trip are in any case at the Winner’s expense). The award includes what is stated in the item “The Fee Includes” as described on the travel registration page. It will also be hosted for free one night at OTTO Rooms in Rome on the occasion of the award ceremony

The two projects with honorable mentions a credit bonus of euro 200 for the next award edition, and a free one night stay at Otto Rooms on the occasion of the award ceremony.

40 author’s prints will be selected, who will appear in the large collective exhibition TTA world Visions that will be organized in September in the orangery of the Museum of Land and River Landscapes in Colorno, as part of the Colorno Photo Life Festival.

10 projects will also be selected, which will be part of the dedicated exhibition “Travel Tales” which will be inaugurated at OTTO Rooms & Photogallery in Rome on the awards ceremony on October 1, 2022. The production of the exhibition is borne by the organization of Starring.

3 projects will be chosen by Giovanni Pelloso and will be published as a focus portfolio on the magazine’s Il Fotografo special edition dedicated to travel photography.

A project will be chosen by Loredana De Pace, who will curate an interview with the author published in NOCsensei as a Special Prize TAKE CARE of.

In 2022 we are also starting with a specific initiative dedicated to Instagram: it will be enough to publish a beautiful travel photograph on Instagram  with the hashtag # TTA2022 to participate in the selections of 20 authors who will have the pleasure of seeing their 20 images shot on our IG channel, and published in the dedicated section “Travel World Pics” of the Viaggio Fotografico site. The Travel World Pics section will also be created with the 20 images selected in the number 11 of Cities Magazine, due out in November 2022.

20 authors among the 50 selected will be invited to participate (with participation fee, self-produced publishing) in a special editorial initiative, curated by Simona Ottolenghi and Attilio Lauria: a book which will collect 20 “travel stories”, TRAVEL TALES II. The volume will be the second book dedicated to travel stories, after the first made for the first edition of TTA 2021, which you can browse at , and will be previewed in Colorno, as part of the Colorno Photo Life Festival and then to the awards ceremony on October 1st at OTTO Rooms & Photogallery in Rome.