TTA 2023

TTA 2023 edition has been organize by Starring with and Isp in partnership  with the magazine Il Fotografo, TravelGlobeViaggio, Corigliano Calabro Fotografia, Colorno Photo Life, Plovdiv PhotoSaloon and OTTO Gallery.

The 2023 edition of the Award saw the participation of more then 170 authors with 193 stories/portfolios, with a  selection of 50 finalists stories, and from the finalists a series of stories awarded in various ways.

The 2023 World Pics call, reserved to single shots,  has also had a great success, with almost 4500 pictures published on IG with the hashtag #TTA2023, and finally 65 selected photos for the TRAVELGRAM exhibitions in Corigliano and Colorno.

In this section you will  also see the various assignments of the selected stories. The selection of the projects and final single pictures has been  screened by a commission of experts and professionals composed as follows:

  • Federica Berzioli, chief editor of IL FOTOGRAFO Magazine
  • Angelo Cucchetto, owner of and ISP, editor of CITIES
  • Loredana De Pace,  journalist and curator
  • Gigliola Foschi, journalist and curator
  • Roberto Gabriele, photographer and owner of
  • Gaetano Gianzi, Ad of Corigliano Calabro Fotografia Festival
  • Federico Klausner, director of TravelGlobe magazine
  • Younes Mohammad,  journalist and photographer
  • Gigi Montali, photographer and Ad of Colorno Photo Life Festival
  • Simona Ottolenghi, owner of and curator of Otto Gallery
  • Giovanni Pelloso, director of IL FOTOGRAFO Magazine
  • Anton Valchev Savov, EFIAP, ESFIAP and FIAP Liaison Officer for Bulgaria
  • Giedo Van Der Zwan, photographer


The overall winner TTA 2023 is Jacopo Della Valle, with his wonderful work WATERWORLD,, which will be exhibited in 2024 by Otto Gallery in a solo exhibition.

Second place, with a beautiful work on the Berbers of the desert, Roberto Malagoli with MAURITANIA,

Third place went to Suryene Ramaget with KUSHTI, a long-term work on ancient Indian wrestling,

CORIGLIANO PHOTO  FESTIVAL – 24 selected images make up the exhibition “#TRAVELGRAM BY CCFwhich has opened on July 1  in  Corigliano Calabro Fotografia,  set up with the other important exhibitions scheduled at the Festival in the splendid rooms of the Castle of Corigliano Calabro – Rossano.

COLORNO PHOTO LIFE FESTIVAL – “TRAVELGRAM BY CPL“, the second exhibition of TTA World Pics with 40 selected pictures, opens on September 2 at 18.00 in the Aranciaia of Colorno, with other exhibitions of the Colorno Photo Life Festival.

PLOVDIV FESTIVAL selected authors:  two stories, Roberto Malagoli – Mauritania and Suryene Ramaget – Kushti, has been selected and ehibited in august during the festival in Plovdid, and few picturef rom the stories Sara Bardotti – Nenet, , Domenico Laviano – Olympos, Roberta Vagliani – Zanzibar school and Francesco Merella – Coptic Christian Rites – Ethiopia  have been published in the festival catalogue.

TRAVELGLOBE MAGAZINE – 10 stories have be selected by the mag and published in October, November and December 2023.  see the dedicated schedule

NOCSENSEI interview of Loredana De Pace to a selected author. We are pleased to announce the winner of this reward, Nadia Cianelli with her story The space in between” You can watch the interview at

CITIES MAGAZINE –  The story Cristiano Zingale – Reriate has been selected and published inCITIES issue 13, that came out in December 2023.

ROME TTA WEEKEND –  exhibition in november 25-26 in Rome at Otto Rooms & Gallery of ten stories, and award ceremony with proclamation of first  winner overall and the two honorable mentions. The ten stories exhibited are: Soumayan Biswas – Salt workerJacopo Della Valle – WaterworldChristian Giudice – Chadar, old iced routeMaurizio Gjivovich – SrilankaRoberto Malagoli – Mauritania, – Roberto Manfredi – once upon a time there was a seaLaura Pierangeli – The mattress maker of BukharaSuryene Ramaget – KushtiLuigi Rota – India, a magic placeYuliy Vasilev EFIAP winner series

IL FOTOGRAFO MAGAZINE — 3 portfolios will be selected by the mag and be published in next months. First Sara Bardotti – Nenet, published in Febuary 2024 in the special issue dedicated to women photographers 🙂

TRAVEL TALES III BOOK – The book Travel Tales III  contein 16 stories, choosed from the TTA 50 selected stories. It will be presented during the Convention PHOTO TRAVELERS. Here the 16 stories: Stefano Bianchi – Armenia, Luigi Cipriano – Timeless Istanbul, Nicola Ducati – Steel Life, Lello Fargione – Polaroid Instant world, Roberto Malagoli – Mauritania, Roberto Manfredi – once upon a time there was a sea, Francesco Merella – Coptic Christian Rites – Ethiopia, Robertino Radovix – Wakhan paradise in danger, Roberto Renai-Activities&Crafts, Luigi Rota – India, a magic place, Tina Salipante – Mare Fecunditatis, Marijn Schulte – Jumping Boys Stone Town, Claudio Varaldi – Camargue e Abrivado,  Roberta Vitali – desert is magic, Sergio Volani – Cambogia, and Yuliy Valisev series, Plodviv Festival 2023 winner.

PHOTO TRAVELERS Convention – On the weekend of 1,2,3 March 2024, as a “finissage” of the TTA 2023 edition, the book Travel Tales & PICS will be presented during an event dedicated to travel photography and travelers organized in Milano by   Travel Tales Award and ViaggioFotografico  in a brand new structure, the PHOTO TRAVELERS Convention.