Roberto Renai – Activities and Crafts

Roberto Renai – Activities and Crafts

In worlds on the borders of industrialized society there are companies that seem to move at different speeds where the initiative and imagination of the individual have not yet been replaced by entrepreneurial activities characterized by a jumble of unscrupulous operational skills, capital, structures and profit. Here again manual skills and imagination do not necessarily pursue the exasperation of profit (moreover not easily obtainable considering the reality of those economies). This would have as an immediate consequence a decrease in genuineness of both products and human relationships. It almost seems that there is a tendency to privilege a status quo temporarily immobile over time without apparent aspirations to developments.

So: Today as yesterday and, most likely, as tomorrow ……

But if this is one side of the coin (the slowing down of development by ethical, social and religious choice), the other highlights a situation that sees us, civilized countries (once also colonizers), partly responsible for this reality because inexorably present where there is still something to appropriate at a good price (oil, rare earths,  precious metals, landscapes to be used for tourism, etc.), and completely and culpably absent in countries where all this is lacking.

An immediate snapshot shows us countries in objectively difficult conditions to the extreme, to which everything possible has been snatched and then abandoned to themselves (zero skills, poor technological preparation, minimal culture, industrial instrumentation unusable due to lack of spare parts, Western, difficulties in specialization of employees.)

It stands out to the curious eye an activity not aimed at waste (disposable) but at a use and reuse of materials of all kinds in a constant activity in which time no longer has the stressful value as we do but extends into humanly sustainable days even if substantially tiring.

Are we sure that in a short time the consumerist countries will not be forced to back down and review the schemes used to date??

We should envisage a progressive system of reducing excesses and curbing consumerism that destroys the environment and society, which now has only the name of “civilized”.

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