Stefano Bianchi – Armenia

Stefano Bianchi – Armenia

An unusual travel destination, Armenia is a beautiful country rich in history, monuments and beautiful landscapes; His people, then, are hospitable as few and ready to welcome the traveler in the simplicity of their homes, offering him a smile and a coffee if necessary.

In terms of landscape, what makes Armenia recognizable are the numerous medieval monasteries that dot much of the territory. With their simple, sober and austere structure, they stand out against visually bare and desolate landscapes, often lost. Of great artistic interest for travelers, they represent the emblem of Armenian identity, imbued with a sense of belonging, pride and religiosity.

Religiosity is precisely one of the cornerstones of this country: it is known to all what price the Armenian people had to pay to embrace Christianity as an official religion. Representative of this suffering is the fact that Mount Ararat, the national symbol of the country and a sacred mountain for the Armenian people, is geographically located within Turkish territory, and therefore outside the Armenian borders.

Despite the difficult and troubled past, however, the impression one gets when visiting this country is that Armenians have been able to maintain a great sense of identity and dignity, not easily found in equal measure among other peoples.

By way of example, I report a news read recently: following the disastrous earthquake that hit Turkey, Armenia has decided to reopen the border between the two countries, closed for 30 years, to send aid to Ankara. This gesture, more than many words, can certainly help to understand the greatness of the Armenian people.

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