Here are the 50 stories selected by TTA 2023, TRAVEL TALES AWARD. The winning Stories and the various prizes will be chosen from the 50 works.

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Ecco le 50 storie selezionate TTA 2022, TRAVEL TALES AWARD.   Tra i 50 lavori saranno scelte le Storie vincenti i vari premi.

Ecco i link diretti ad ogni storia, per ordine alfabetico cognome Autori. Sotto potete sfogliare alcune gallery, richiamate casualmente.

The 50 finalists stories:

Sara Aliscioni – The Tailors, Sara Bardotti – Nenet, Maura Bartoli – The salt of the earth, Sergio Bertolotti – Gujarat, Stefano Bianchi – Armenia, Soumayan Biswas – Salt worker, Mauro Brienza – Kyrgyzstan, Francesco Carmignoto    – Kazakistan.Mangystau, Sara Castagnasso – Transiberiana, Nadia Cianelli – The Space in Between, Luigi Cipriano – Timeless Istanbul, Fabrizio Crippa – The last charcoal burners, Alvise Crovato – travelling with Mene, Jacopo Della Valle – Waterworld, Nicola Ducati – Steel Life, Nicola Ducati – My Red Pamir, Lello Fargione – Polaroid Instant world, Chiara Felmini – China, Chiara Felmini – Papua, Christian Giudice – Chadar, old iced route, Maurizio Gjivovich – Istanbul old town, Maurizio Gjivovich – Srilanka, Hamzeh Mohammad Hosseini – Being with Iranian Armenians, Marco Lapini – diario de Rua Lusitano, Domenico Laviano – Olympos, Roberto Malagoli – Mauritania, Alessandro Malaguti – Arunachal Pradesh, Roberto Manfredi – once upon a time there was a sea, Marco Marcone – Sudan’s whirling dervishes, Mauro Matalone- The Urgench cattle market, Francesco Merella – Coptic Christian Rites – Ethiopia, Corrada Onorifico – The infinite Silence of Mongolian steppe, Martin Ordeñana – Dominican Republic, Marco Parenti – Indian Station, Andrea Peruzzi – Waiting for Dalai Lama, Laura Pierangeli – The mattress maker of Bukhara, Robertino Radovix – Wakhan paradise in danger, Suryene Ramaget – Kushti, Roberto Renai – Activities and Crafts, Alessandro Rocchi – Punjab  Chronicles, Luigi Rota – India, a magic place, Tina Salipante – Mare Fecunditatis, Marijn Schulte – Jumping Boys Stone Town, Maurizio Trifilidis – Konyak the last headhunter, Roberta Vagliani – Zanzibar school, Claudio Varaldi – Camargue e Abrivado, Claudio Varaldi – Serendipity of burman people, Roberta Vitali – desert is magic, Sergio Volani – Cambogia, Cristiano Zingale – Reriate


I traveled 22 days on the road from north to south of Portugal, touching the coast, the cities, the most authentic and least known areas of the interior of the country. From populated and bustling neighborhoods, to small fishing villages, to beaches, to the religious silence of Fatima. Backpack and camera with one goal: to Continue Reading

Sara Castagnasso – Transiberiana

The first time I heard about the Trans-Siberian I had to be little more than a child, maybe a teenager, because the desire to make this journey is something that has always accompanied me. Growing up, I told myself that, one day, I would actually do it. Life, destiny or who knows who, then put Continue Reading

Sara Aliscioni – the tailors

The Tailors series was born from my personal photographic research of the trades in the largest city of Morocco, Casablanca. Made immortal by the cult film of the same name, the economic capital is the business destination for excellence. Using petit taxis as a means of transport, or old red cars driven by private individuals Continue Reading

Maurizio Gjivovich – Srilanka

The indelible marks of the Tzunami of 2004 and the bloody civil war in Srilaka that ended on May 18, 2008, destroyed this land and its new future has since begun. I decided to travel a few years from the northwest coast of Jaffna to the south coast in wiligama passing through the great hills Continue Reading

Roberto Malagoli – Mauritania

Memories make noise: sounds, voices of travelers, children’s laughter, winds, which in the desert are breathed (or amalgamated with) with the sand and on the coasts become pleasant breezes. The mobile gaze wants to immortalize everything: slightly jagged horizons, bushes of tiring green, soft dunes that divide the space with the liquid blue, devoured by Continue Reading

Mauro Matalone -The Urgench cattle market

The Urgench cattle market takes place on the outskirts of this remote village in the northern region of Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan. The market reaches the village after the celebration of the Uzbek new year called Navrùz, which coincides with the arrival of spring; it is an important event above all for the neighboring agricultural areas Continue Reading

Christian Giudice – Chadar, old iced route

The Zanskari people and the ancient ice route There is an ancient ice route that for generations has opened the doors of the world to the Zanskari people. We are in Ladakh, a region of India enclosed between Karakorum and the Himalayas at over 3,700 meters high, where for just over a month, between January Continue Reading

Lello Fargione – Polaroid Instant world

Who knows what our cities would be like if they were empty. Sometimes we asked ourselves, sometimes with difficulty we tried to imagine it, other times we saw it on TV. Cities are not empty, as we have often heard repeated in these weeks of pandemic. We see them empty if we make them coincide Continue Reading

Nicola Ducati – My Red Pamir

Traveling to remote places I realized that beauty is everywhere and is found in the diversity of people. Their uniqueness makes humanity special. This awareness and the need to preserve our roots together with our planet should guide our every gesture, our every thought, our every choice. Kyrgyz women live in the dust of high-altitude Continue Reading

Martin Ordeñana – Dominican Republic

The intent is to tell and make known the lifestyle of the hinterland of one of the terrestrial paradises known almost exclusively for its splendid views.  The crowded streets, the markets. The conditions in which the locals live, their smiles and their hopes in a country where tourism is lived exclusively. Punta Cana is part Continue Reading