Marijn Schulte – Jumping Boys Stone Town

Marijn Schulte – Jumping Boys Stone Town

In the bustling harbor of Stone Town, Tanzania, a group of local boys gather daily to engage in a thrilling and cultural tradition.  These boys jump into the sea from the dock with incredible skill and precision, impressing tourists and locals alike.

The local boys in Stone Town Zanzibar like to try out the diving and jumping skills in order to demonstrate their bravery and courage. The pier, which is located right next to the ocean, is an ideal launching spot for them to show their acrobatic capabilities for the crowd that is watching in admiration!

As the news of the local boys’ captivating jumps spreads, an increasing number of curious onlookers are drawn to the scene in Stone Town, Tanzania. The crowdorganically organizes itself into a neat line, eagerly waiting for their turn to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle

The boys’ energetic shouts serve as a catalyst, igniting a contagious energy that spreads throughout the crowd. The cheers become a unifying force, connecting everyone in a shared celebration of the local boys’ incredible jumps.

Witnessing the local boys gracefully leaping into the sea, accompanied by swirling leaves or flowers, is a sensory delight that leaves a lasting impression on spectators. It is a testament to their creativity and the unique cultural heritage that flourishes in Stone Town, Tanzania.

The local boys skillfully utilize facial expressions as an integral part of their jumping routine. As they soar through the air and plunge into the sea from the dock, their faces are a canvas of emotion, adding an extra layer of intensity and engagement to their performances.

With a watchful eye, these safety ambassadors kindly remind the crowd to stay back and provide guidance on where it is safe to stand. They understand that maintaining a controlled space is crucial for the smooth execution of their jumps and the safety of everyone involved.

A playful spirit fills the atmosphere as the boys take turns attempting more daring jumps, incorporating new twists, flips, or even higher dives. They aim to impress not only the onlookers but also their fellow jumpers, spurring a healthy sense of competition and the desire for continuous improvement.

Marijn Schulte

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Holding that first camera as a child was an instinctive connection to a world waiting to be explored and documented. It felt natural to me, like a glove that fits perfectly. Beyond the technical skills gained through formal audiovisual education,courses and masterclasses, it’s the ability to connect with the essence of each location that reflects in my images. Through these images, I invite you to see the world not just as it is but as a rich tapestry of moments waiting to be discovered and shared.

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