Suryene Ramaget – Kushti

Suryene Ramaget – Kushti

Kushti is an ancient Indian struggle.

Young children, often from poor families, or saved from street life, are absorbed into the gymnasium-monastery school called akhara already at an early age starting a path of hard physical and mental training. The rigorous training is combined with the fundamental religious rules that educate the boys, including no sex, no alcohol, little social life and rigorous prayer in the early hours of the morning and during the day. They fight in the Sacred Land of Red Clay, called “Akhada”

The goal is to focus on a pure lifestyle to build mental and physical strength (Weakness will be eradicated, strength and manhood restored to man, the pride of the nation restored)

The traditional Kushti is experiencing a period of deep crisis, losing contact with the red earth replaced by mats and losing the philosophy that characterizes it due to a process of social modernization that tends to devalue the spiritual aspect and making the space / school safer and far from old religious practices and rules.

children are often taken from the street, orphans and alone, or children of poor families, the strongest children will be welcomed into school, but they will not receive school education and in their growth if they do not get titles and prizes in the struggle they will be removed and will find themselves alone, without culture, without knowing how to read, without friends and without knowing how to caress life,  They will be easily absorbed into crime.

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