Luigi Rota – India, a magic place

Luigi Rota – India, a magic place

You can visit this country 100 times and still be speechless! Every time the same emotion and admiration for such a unique and fascinating place. You soon realize that what is incredible, different or strange for us for the Indian people is instead normality and a way of life. The charm of India through the eyes of a traveler and photographer lies precisely in living and capturing at the same time the beauty and uniqueness of this country, the contrasts so strong and every time a new opportunity, always with the desire to reach it and certainly with a different maturation and awareness.

You are catalyzed and enveloped every time by a strange feeling that accompanies you on the journey, you breathe the great devotion and humanity of a people where the richness and value of material things is experienced in a very different way and often incomprehensible to our eyes. Emotions through light, atmospheres, warmth, spirituality, beauty even where there is nothing or little because it is precisely in small things that the greatest value is often revealed.

You soon realize that the importance lies in observing more than shooting, sometimes many images do not need to be taken, they remain in us and help to strengthen our way of seeing and documenting. There are no trivial or useless images, rather images we could have documented differently.

In many reportages in India and in the thousands of images taken, color and discordant feelings often prevail in wanting to represent places, people and environments, obtaining images that do not exactly represent reality or what we would have liked to achieve. In this series of images, summing up the many images seen and captured, I mainly wanted to represent an India with warm and strong colors, friendly and rich in emotion and sensoriality, its charm and its unique and catalyzing richness. The light when it helps to immerse yourself and let yourself be carried away and always with the desire to return to discover and document more.

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