Luigi Cipriano – Timeless Istanbul

Luigi Cipriano – Timeless Istanbul

“A time capsule is a container specially prepared to store objects or information, destined to be found in a future era.”[1] 

In our homes there are time capsules, but we do not realize it, they are the boxes where old photos are kept.

The boxes of photographs are often found in the markets, the findings that are the result of the emptying of the cellars and homes, which passing ownership both by inheritance and by sale to other owners, are emptied to make room for the new.

Walking through the markets, I find an old tin biscuit box, I open it and inside I find a portion of the world suspended in time, it is Istanbul, but I can not place it in a well-defined temporal space, everything seems to have stopped in the 50s, but it will be so ……..

In this work I tried to play between reality and fiction. 

At the end of the 90s, I made a trip to Istanbul, “city of the East that meets the West”, the portfolio is the result of that trip, the photos taken in analog, were digitized and post-produced, virtually increasing the signs of time, but I deliberately left some hints of modernity to reveal the trick.

 [1] Source Wikipedia

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