Chiara Felmini – China

Chiara Felmini – China

There are people who make trips and trips that people make: in China this can happen.

Trips are made for many reasons and curiosity is always a good reason; We start with the desire to know and discover, but in the luggage sometimes slip from the drafts all those prejudices resulting from readings, stories and images; Prejudices travel with you without you knowing it and are there, with their beautiful weight.

Traveling to China amazed me, amused me, fascinated me and made me empty my backpack of some prejudice about this country.

Observe remote villages with houses made of wood or stone, witness a slow and difficult daily life, realize that the siege of large cities crumbles the mountains and small towns with their inhabitants, see that the clothes of the festival, customs and habits remain in use only as a representation for tourists who go to some areas,  All this has been an occasion for reflection and questions for the most part unanswered.

China is a boundless country, very rich, varied, millennial and very closed as well as very advanced, but none of these characteristics is the only one and none of these characteristics explains everything about what China is today.

My trip took place just before the great pandemic that we have all experienced and I imagine that many things have changed; But I believe that what I have seen and experienced remains intact: none of the people I have met have ever been hostile towards travelers like me and returning home with new questions and some small answers, makes the trip a precious asset.

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