Nadia Cianelli -The Space in Between

Nadia Cianelli -The Space in Between

Traveling in the Amazon was like coming home, returning to a feeling of communion with nature and its sacredness.

Water, sky, trees, ancient dances and songs, the Amazon is all this and much more, a suspended space and time, where visible and invisible, natural and supernatural merge and merge.

Every discomfort and every difficulty are canceled, they become part of the experience of knowledge and encounter with this elsewhere so far away not only geographically.

The river and the forest are a source of life and home to myths, populated in a parallel world by enchanted beings, demons, souls of the dead. One lives well only if the elements of the visible world are in harmony with those of the invisible world.

The shaman is the means through which to maintain this balance, the repository of secret and ancestral knowledge, he has the power to come into contact with the spirits and forces of nature. 

Myrupu, son of Kissibi, is a shaman of Dessana ethnicity, originally from the Alto Rio Negro, his mission is to defend and preserve his culture, handed down orally since ancient times, upset and threatened today as yesterday.

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