Maurizio Gjivovich – Srilanka

Maurizio Gjivovich – Srilanka

The indelible marks of the Tzunami of 2004 and the bloody civil war in Srilaka that ended on May 18, 2008, destroyed this land and its new future has since begun.

I decided to travel a few years from the northwest coast of Jaffna to the south coast in wiligama passing through the great hills of the center to Nuwara Elia, portraying the little Tamil women tea pickers. In this work I wanted to research the stories and tales of that past, but trying to see its beauty through black and white photography.

A journey from the hills of the Tea of Nuwara Elia to the coasts north of Mannar northern ditretto bordered by the Indian continent ancra today militarized zone. Today this land begins to live and coexist (even if with extreme difficulty living for its 80% of tourism), with that past that today remains in the testimonies in the faces and stories of the people.

maurizio gjivovich

Classe 1975 professionista dal 2000, i suoi servizi che esplorano contesti politici e sociali puibblicando su magazine nazionali tra cui La Repubblica, L’Espresso, Internazionale

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