Corrada Onorifico -The infinite Silence of Mongolian steppe.

Corrada Onorifico -The infinite Silence of Mongolian steppe.

Mongolia, a country five times the size of Italy, which has about three million inhabitants, half of whom reside in the capital; the remaining part is divided between the inhabitants of small urban centers consisting of a few wooden houses and a few shops, and those who live in the endless spaces of the prairies; The latter are the nomads, in fact. They practice subsistence pastoralism, raising horses, sheep, cattle, obtaining everything they need: food, milk, clothes. Ironically, the country with the lowest population density in the world has the highest concentration of farm animals on earth.

In addition to the cold, to put at serious risk the economy of nomadic shepherds and the future of their traditions, there are the disasters caused by man to support the boom of the extractive sector, which on the one hand, in recent years, has given an important economic boost to the country, but on the other has degraded the natural environment and its precious water resources.

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