Sara Castagnasso – Transiberiana

Sara Castagnasso – Transiberiana

The first time I heard about the Trans-Siberian I had to be little more than a child, maybe a teenager, because the desire to make this journey is something that has always accompanied me. Growing up, I told myself that, one day, I would actually do it. Life, destiny or who knows who, then put at my side someone who shared with me, among other things, even this dream in the drawer: so it seemed absolutely obvious to us to plan this adventure as our honeymoon, planning to travel part of the Trans-Siberian, the Trans-Mongolian and then stretching, always by train, to Xi’an.

The Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian journey is, in my opinion, one of the few left to encapsulate the essence of the word “journey”, understood as a slow movement that leads to discover cultures and places different from one’s own. Traveling almost 8000 km on board the carriage of a train, allows you to savor the slow passages, to question them, to live them fully. And so, along this route from Moscow to the heart of China, we were able to observe Russian architecture, from the best known with their unmistakable profiles, to the less known ones of traditional Siberian architecture; we have experienced the shamanic spirituality of Buryatia; We were bewitched by the unforgettable Mongolian landscapes, with their color contrasts and their immense spaces that, as a photographer who loves landscapes, I tried to enclose in my shots and, finally, we dived into the colors, smells and flavors of Chinese culture.

The Trans-Siberian journey is intense, which leaves an indelible memory of images and emotions.

“Who returns from a trip is never the same person who left” (CHINESE PROVERB)

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