Laura Pierangeli – The mattress maker of Bukhara

Laura Pierangeli – The mattress maker of Bukhara

My name is Narghisa I am a mattress maker. I’ve been working in this building for so long that I call it home.

Here I spend most of my day and with needle and thread I sew together remnants of fabric and remnants of life.

The faded photographs on the walls tell of a distant time, we worked in many, today I am the only one left.

I write by hand with precision on the my notebook the last orders.

Soon the laboratory will be sold, they are building big hotels, they are imagining big things and small tools like needle and thread can no longer hold together the pieces of history.

I do not know what will be here tomorrow and if the trace of a memory will remain, what I do know is that everything I have achieved so far I have done with my own hands.

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