Roberto Malagoli – Mauritania

Roberto Malagoli – Mauritania

Memories make noise: sounds, voices of travelers, children’s laughter, winds, which in the desert are breathed (or amalgamated with) with the sand and on the coasts become pleasant breezes.

The mobile gaze wants to immortalize everything: slightly jagged horizons, bushes of tiring green, soft dunes that divide the space with the liquid blue, devoured by the sound of seagulls, the great dark cobalt sky, if not littered with ribbons of clouds to collect shadows.

Light draws and defines places, looks, intentions, stones, incomplete crumbled polychrome walls, old and new, men and animals, women and hurried steps, children and the curiosity of becoming, in a fragment always full of life.

Then, in the dark, everything becomes one, guarded by the silence of the stars.

(text by Lisanna Pina)

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