open a basic account by filling out the registration form at SIGN IN page, if you are not registered yet (if you registered already in past years just login, with oyur username and the password you choosed, clicking on “USER” section in the top menu).

Book slots for the stories you want to be selected for the Award: from the User menu go to the “add stories” section and buy project slots, 1, 2, 3, as many as are the portfolios/stories you want to submit to the Award selections.

For the TTA Award each Photographer will be able to participate with one or more portfolios or stories, composed of the images and a synopsis, which can be a real “travel diary” or a story that accompanies the use of the images, or a portfolio series that has a semantic binder (place, style, subject), which helps to understand the meaning of the journey lived or human experiences,  the lessons of life or the fascination of places or travel companions. This year is possible to partecipate also with Syntographic stories (created with AI software), for the new section dedicated to Imaginary Tales.

proceed to pay, € 30 for each story, through the certified Paypal account by Starring, using any credit / debit card. Follow the instructions in that section on how to send us your Stories. You can still book more slots later, by returning to ‘add Stories’ and purchasing other slots.

prepare the materials to be inserted: you will be able to send us a minimum of 8, maximum 15 photos for each written Story. Jpg format, size doesn’t matter. The photos must be accompanied by a presentation text in word of max 2000 characters.

Send us the materials, with a Wetrasfer via email to info@traveltalesaward.com 

Remember that the Author declares himself responsible for the contents of the images and for any rights of third parties that appear as the main subjects in some images.

Ultimately, if you have insurmountable problems write to us at info@traveltalesaward.com  or call the manager Angelo Cucchetto at +39  3355326154 (during office hours).

By July 31st 2024 the  Jury will choose the 50 authorial series that will be the basis for the various rewards, and the 10 Syntographic stories (created with AI software) for the new section dedicated to Imaginary Tales.

By September 15th, 2024, the authors of the selected projects will be contacted by the organizers and their participation will be finalized and confirmed.

The reproduction rights of the images remain with the Authors, who transfer to the organizers (and to all the partner realities) only the rights of use for the publication on the reference site of the initiative www.traveltalesaward.com/, on the partners’ publications, on the Social channels (Facebook, Instagram etc.), on the printed volumes and for the eventual exhibitions of the selected images, as well as for all the communication linked and exclusively concerning the project.

Some stories may be published in preview on the website and Social Channels, however this selection is not a prerequisite for admission to the Final selections nor to any other form of further selection for the subsequent stages of the Award.

Participating in the Call has a cost of 30 Euros for each project presented with the above characteristics, all Italian and foreign citizens of age can participate.

The initiative is self-financed and therefore only the Authors who will support it with the payment of the fee of € 30 for each project submitted will have access to the project selections.

No project will be taken into consideration if the relative payment of the registration fee is not received, and the accounts opened on the site but which we have not settled by  July 16th 2024 the payment of the stories they wish to submit to the selections will be eliminated.