.Our Convention has put in direct contact with each other the communities of travel photographers who have participated in over 150 Photographic Travel Groups (https://viaggiofotografico.it/), with who participated in the first 3 Editions by Travel Tales Award (https://traveltalesaward.com). In Milan three days dedicated to travel photography

Our Partners

Prestigious partners, including Il Fotografo, Photographers.it, Italian Street Photography, Colorno Photo Life and Corigliano Calabro Fotografia, will accompany us on this extraordinary adventure.

The event has been held in the new P.AR.Co. structure, located in the lively Navigli/Barona area of ​​Milan. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies with huge video walls and others and 6 100-inch monitors, professional audio amplification etc., this will be the perfect setting for our meeting.


Friday 1 March

• 6.00pm / 8.00pm welcome of the participants, all the staff present, welcome toast, snacks, opening of the #TRAVELGRAM2023 exhibition (selection of 40 single framed images 70×50 cm), live music, loop projection with stories of voyage.

• Followed by dinner by reservation (not included) for those who want to be in company.

Saturday 2 March

• 09:30 Registration of participants

• 10:00 Opening and greetings

• 10.15am Speech by Roberto Polillo – cold & warm, with projections from the Arctic to Africa.

• 11:00 Speech with Carlo Bevilacqua, author and great traveller. – long term projects

• 11.45 Coffee break

• 12:00 Round table “Travel storytelling” – ideation, languages, construction – with Giovanni Pelloso, Simona Ottolenghi, Gigi Montali

• 1pm Relax & lunch time

• 3.00pm The authors tell their story: TTA 2023, speech with screenings of the stories awarded in various capacities among the 50 finalist stories of the 2023 edition (https://traveltalesaward.com/tta2023-selected-stories/)

• 4.00pm Round table “Women Travelers” – Travel photography by women – with Simona Ottolenghi, Valentina Tamborra and Federica Berzioli with screening of Il Fotografo issue dedicated to women photographers.

• 5.00pm Coffee break

• 5.15pm Round table “My Africa” – Roberto Gabriele with Marco Trovato and Marco Garofalo with AFRICA magazine projections, and Camilla Ferrari with Sudan projection

• 6.15pm Screening of travel documentaries with Eugenio Manghi

• 7.00pm Speech by Alessandro Bavari, travel stories created with AI

• 9.00pm Dinner by reservation

Sunday 3 March

• 10:00 Presentation of the new book Travel Tales III with 15 TTA 2023 finalist travel stories.

• 11:00 Speech with Stefano Mirabella or Francesco Verolino – Street photography on the go

• 11.45 Coffee break

• 12:00 Round table “Imaginary Tales” focus on syntography – Angelo Cucchetto with Alessandro Bavari, Paolo Dalprato

• 1.00pm Relax & lunch time

• 3.00 pm NOI di Viaggio Fotografico: speech with the photographers and screenings of their travel stories

• 4.00 pm PHOTOGRAPHIC TRIP, presentations of new trips for 2024.

• 4.30pm TTA 2024 launch! News and call settings, active from 4 March to 20 May 2024

• 5.00pm End of event, goodbyes and return

TOTAL 13 h of Main Stage

Photographic Journey: https://viaggiofotografico.it

TTA – Travel Tales Award: https://traveltalesaward.com

P.AR.CO.: https://www.parco.center