Here are the 50 stories selected by TTA 2022, TRAVEL TALES AWARD. The winning Stories and the various prizes will be chosen from the 50 works: The 3 portfolios published on IL FOTOGRAFO, the interview on NocSensei, the subscriptions to the dedicated book, the exhibition in Rome. Finally, the three overall winners.

Ecco le 50 storie selezionate TTA 2022, TRAVEL TALES AWARD.   Tra i 50 lavori saranno scelte le Storie vincenti i vari premi: I 3 portfoli  pubblicati su IL FOTOGRAFO, l’intervista su NocSensei, le adesioni al libro dedicato, la mostra a Roma. Infine i tre vincitori assoluti.

Here are the direct links to each story, by alphabetical order surname Authors. below you can browse the galleries, sorted randomly.

Ecco i link diretti ad ogni storia, per ordine alfabetico cognome Autori. sotto potete sfogliare le gallery, ordinate casualmente.

Ugo Baldassarre – Basilicata inside   Franco Beretta – La Normandia      Stefano Bianchi – Genna, il Natale Copto   Rosetta Bonatti – Palermo   Pierluigi Bruni – La spina del Drago   Francesco Carmignoto – Yemen Ritorno a Sana’a    Anna Rita Carrisi -Dancalia Le carovane e i tagliatori di sale   Alessandro Castiglioni – born in USA   Alessandro Castiglioni – pashmina   Emanuela Corazziari – lockdown trip   Francesco Dolfi – il mare di sale   Lia Dondini Taddei  – Fonderia di campane Marinelli   Lia Dondini Taddei  – Pasqua ortodossa Maramures   Lello Fargione – Vita da donna in Myanmar   Lello Fargione_Minatori   Massimo Gradara – Mississipi   Giulio Cesare Grandi – Balance in the confusion    Usama khan – Portraits   Marco  Lapini – Sicilia Umana   Sandro Lombardo  – The new city – Dubai   Luca Maiorano Donne in Marocco   Roberto Malagoli – ogni giorno accadde   Alessandro Malaguti – Siberia   Roberto Manfredi – Artica   Orietta Masala – Memories   Milena Masini – Gerusalemme   Matteo Maurizio Mauro – Mondo Sikh   claudia merighi – Un viaggio nel viaggio  Guillaume Michel – Yuan Yang   Younes Mohammad – Chaldoran    Roberto Moreschi_robysignal – Viaggio in laguna   Francesco Munaro_Yo soy Fidel   Lara Ongaro – Nepal   Riccardo Panozzo – Venezia   Marco Parenti – la Puna Argentina   Pia Parolin –  Aluminium Slaves   Pia Parolin – Sleeping in Vezin   Elisa Pescina – Instambul   Laura Pierangeli – viaggio in Sicilia   Giuseppe Pitino – Marocco   Willy Sanson -Toikot   Roberto Scordino – The wai khru of arjhan thoy   Francesca Semerano-Berlincolor   Antonio Sorvillo – nel cuore dell’isola che non c’è   Maurizio Trifilidis -Donne in Myamar   Roberta Vagliani – Myanmar   Claudio Varaldi – il delta del Po   Claudio Varaldi – in viaggio con la Lupa   Luigi Vigliotti – viaggio nei paesi Berberi   Sergio Volani – Pasqua Ortodossa a Karpathos

Franco Beretta – La Normandia

Leaving is a bit dying, says a poem.Yet sometimes, when feelings are confused, when one is oppressed by a kaleidoscope of doubts and fears, when even faith falters, one wants to leave the known path to set out on new experiences, in search of inner balance, of ourselves.And so we leave, for Normandy, a multifaceted Continue Reading

Milena Masini – Gerusalemme

Israel is not just any country. Israel is a concentrate of emotions, contradictions, moods, perfumes. The arrival in Tel Aviv presents itself as an odyssey of meticulous, long and exhausting checks. Then you leave the terminal and find yourself projected into a young, eccentric, trendy city. Tel Aviv almost never sleeps to seem like the Continue Reading

Lello Fargione Minatori

CAMBODIA, MINERS OF THE 21ST CENTURYThey call themselves ‘freelance miners’. They live with little income after having turned, sifted, and excavated the Cambodian red earth in search of blue zircons, precious stones destined for the local and international market.The Ratanakiri region, in northeastern Cambodia, is known for the gems that its red earth hides in Continue Reading

Sergio Volani – Pasqua Ortodossa a Karpathos

Easter is the holiest holiday of the whole year for the Orthodox world, and is particularly felt in Greece too. On the island of Karpathos, in the small village of Olympos, perched on the mountains north of the island, Easter rites linked to Byzantine traditions are still held.The festival involves all the inhabitants of the Continue Reading

Ugo Baldassarre – Basilicata inside

In the heart of Basilicata there exists and still resists a world far from the frenetic rhythms of the economic model that mass tourism has now imposed from Matera to the Apulian coast.The peasant civilization, brought to light by Carlo Levi in ​​his Christ stopped in Eboli, still exists here, in the fragile balance of Continue Reading

Roberto Moreschi – Viaggio in laguna

There are only a few fishermen of “moeche” (crabs) and all concentrated in the Venice lagoon. Theirs is hard and demanding work that has been handed down from father to son. You wake up very early, before dawn, then you start to frantically navigate the lagoon to move the poles of the nets or to Continue Reading

Anna Rita Carrisi Dancalia

The caravans and the salt cutters Few areas on Earth bring together such an extraordinary amount of reasons for interest. It is a region of difficult access, with an extreme climate, where the highest temperatures on the planet are reached. For centuries the only connection with the rest of the world occurred through the caravans Continue Reading

Lia Dondini Taddei – Pasqua ortodossa Maramures

Located in the far north of Romania, the beautiful region of Maramures seems to belong to another world, out of time. Life still follows an ancient rhythm of a peasant world that has almost disappeared in other places, where people try to keep their traditions alive, which are handed down from generation to generation. There Continue Reading

Massimo Gradara – Mississippi

with these Blues images I want to leave a trace of a broader story that unfortunately has been lost to me….passing through Indianola, the Juke Joint (the noisy clubs, where still today they play, dance and drink just like in the beginning) Clarksdale (where everything seems to have been born), Memphis (city, among other things, Continue Reading

Willy Sanson -Toikot

‘MMHH MMHH OOHH GOOD GOOD OHH’ ‘rang out in the middle of the Mentawai forest, on the island of Siberut, Indonesia.One morning in mid-November I met Toikot, an ageless man, he almost knew he had been on earth for 70 years, time for them is marked only by the seasons, seasons that in the meantime Continue Reading

Luca Maiorano -Donne in Marocco

The focus of our trip was a humanitarian mission in Morocco; from the medina of Marrakech we cross the desert plains of al-Rashidiyya heading east, the obligatory step is Merzouga, the first stop on our journey, from there on only the sands of the Sahara. This land once traversed by caravans of Bedouin to camel Continue Reading

Roberta Vagliani – Myanmar

Myanmar is purity and genuineness; after this trip i found myself, i found thatperfect inner peace for the spirit and the mind.A trip to Myanmar is a mystical experience; the hospitality of the Burmese, the essence and tranquility that you breathe in the times, they give you a beautiful feeling of inner peace and serenity.It Continue Reading

Matteo Maurizio Mauro – Mondo Sikh

Since I started traveling every year, far and wide in the Indian sub-continent 20 years ago, I have been fascinated by the elegance and composure of this ethnic / religious group. Sikhism is a monotheistic religion born in 15th century India. Their creed requires them to fight for justice and the good of all.The Sikhs Continue Reading

Alessandro Castiglioni – Born in the usa

A long family trip, after spending the year before in Vietnam, in the company of wife and children, skeptical of the American destination, but pressured by many (dad, you own us, we can’t just go trekking and wandering through remote villages, we want to go in the united states) I felt compelled to offer an Continue Reading

Antonio Sorvillo – nel cuore dell’isola che non c’è

Lost in the other island. The one unknown to maps, arisen from cartography. The journey into the Barbary side of Sardinia shows a green, luxuriant and impenetrable land, makingemerge what is the engine of the attractive bodywork represented by the coasts. A path in which colors and traditions follow one another, flavored by all with Continue Reading

Sandro Lombardo – The new city – Dubai

Dubai is a new city, a city that wants to be modern, starting with its urban planning and its architecture.It is a large urban center that opposes the verticality of the skyscrapers to the horizon of the desert; modernity soaring upwards to the Islamic tradition. “It is of cities like dreams: everything imaginable can be Continue Reading

Laura Pierangeli – viaggio in Sicilia

The first trip after the closure dictated by the pandemic I choose to do it in Italy, more precisely in Sicily at a friend’s house, and not because it was the easiest place to reach but because, after a period that seemed infinite to me spent away from important people , I wanted to embrace Continue Reading

Alessandro Castiglioni – Pashmina Jewellery

Turbulent departure for the Kashmire valley, called to document the production of Indian gold, I landed in Srinagar. Between a stone throwing and sudden curfews, given by the unstable situation of the territory, I spend 15 days as a guest with a family of producers and traders of this precious artifact. I am roamed among Continue Reading

Francesca Semerano-Berlin colors

I often travel to Germany and I like to get lost in the streets meeting people.In this country, cities and people have the reputation of being strict and gray, but looking at the facts, it really seems like an unsustainable stereotype.In reality there is so much color in everything and everyone and in this work Continue Reading

Francesco Carmignoto – Yemen, ritorno a Sana’a

Sana’a is still the beautiful Venice of the East from my memories of the trip a few years ago. Few Kalashnikovs over the shoulder. The jambiyas remain, the curved stabs worn in the band around the hips by all Yemeni males, the delightful houses of ocher-colored bricks, the arches of the doors and terraces, the Continue Reading

Luigi Vigliotti – viaggio nei paesi Berberi

A trip to Tunisia to tell about “The Forgotten Maghreb” a project to spread and make known the Berber populations of North Africa. The project is an opportunity for reflection on Mediterranean civilization, on the characteristics of kinship and not of antagonism between populations that represent the millenary culture of the Maghreb, and which have Continue Reading

Francesco Munaro_Yo soy Fidel

For years I told myself that I should visit Cuba before Fidel Castro’s death, thinking that the island would quickly transform after his death.It so happened that I was in Cuba, together with three photographer friends, on the day of his death, November 25, 2016 and for the following 9 days of national mourning declared Continue Reading

Marco Lapini – Sicilia Umana

I often travel to Sicily. I love this land. I love living it in every facet, in every face, in every form that transmits an emotion to me. I love to photograph her in her most human part, in her most intimate part, that of the people who live her. I love hearing her in Continue Reading

Younes Mohammad – Chaldoran

Throughout the history of the Middle East, Kurdish people have been known for their bravery, honor and courage as warriors and therefore, have a prominent position in the region, which has led the kings, sultans and caliphates of that time to target and use the Kurds to protect and develop their borders and stabilize the Continue Reading

Lara Ongaro – Nepal

At the end of 2019 we left for a journey to discover Nepal. We didn’t want to tackle the usual tourist trip with the classic itineraries. This is why we set out to discover a still, as far as possible, unknown Nepal.Made up of small mountain villages, where people’s life is still based on the Continue Reading

Usama Khan – Portraits

I always feel pleasure whenever I took my Camera and go to the Walled City of Lahore, which is also called an Old Lahore(Androon Lahore), to took the portraits of aged people and Children. The walled city of Lahore forms the historic core of Lahore, Pakistan. The city was established around 1000 CE in the Continue Reading

Roberto Malagoli – ogni giorno accade

Travel. It is a state of being, beyond the objective movement of the body.Witness, dressed in invisibility so as not to interfere, I photograph with the intention of capturing that moment, movement, endlessly repeated and yet different every time. Light strikes objects: contents and forms give meaning to simple and ritual gestures, defined, unrepeatable in Continue Reading

Lello Fargione – vita da Donna in Myanmar

Work, fatigue, the unhealthy environment in which the women of Myanmar (formerly Burma) live, are the theme of my photographic journey in that land.A theme that has imposed itself with all the drama of the apparently impassive gazes of women who seem to be eternal figures in an exotic and enigmatic mosaic.Often in the shadows, Continue Reading

Lia Dondini Taddei – Fonderia di campane Marinelli

Over the centuries, bells have had a public, civic and religious function, transmitting messages and acquiring a symbolic value.The bells were and still are used also in magical rituals to drive away malevolent spirits and ward off storms or to attract Angels.In addition to marking the passage of time and constituting a liturgical reminder, they Continue Reading

Miroslav Mominski  – Life in Rhodope Mountains

Miroslav Mominski  – Life in Rhodope Mountains Bulgaria – Miglior autore EFIAP/s al IX International Photo Salon Plovdiv   La voglia di fotografare nasce spontaneamente nella prima infanzia. Vado per la mia strada, cercando di trasformare un frammento di tempo in eternità attraverso le mie fotografie. Negli ultimi dodici anni ho viaggiato molto in giro per Continue Reading

Francesco Dolfi – il mare di sole

I had learned at school that in the distant Asian continent there was an immense salt lake, which we call the Aral Sea, but which in the local language is called the “sea of ​​sun”. Its aquifer was as large as the surface of the whole of Switzerland. Fishing boats plowed through its waters, while Continue Reading

Stefano Bianchi – Genna, il Natale Copto

Genna is the name given by the Coptic Christians of Ethiopia at Christmas and is celebrated on 7 January since the ancient Julian calendar is still followed in Ethiopia.The celebrations of Coptic Christmas take place in the holy city of Lalibela which is located in the north of Ethiopia at a height of approx. 2500 Continue Reading

Pia Parolin – Sleeping in Vezin

Sleeping at VezinVezin is a small village near the French border with Belgium. People live a peaceful life between agriculture and commuting to a city in Belgium or nearby Luxembourg. Poverty and simplicity of life prevale. Time seems to stand still here, near Verdun where during the World War so many were killed. The signs Continue Reading

Claudio Varaldi – il delta del Po

The Elegant Universe described by Brian Green with String Theory. The age-old clash between the laws of the big (general relativity) and the laws of the small (quantum mechanics) is overcome to the advantage of a higher unity, based on the assertion that all the events of the universe arise from a single entity : Continue Reading

Maurizio Trifilidis -Donne in Myamar

Two things are striking when traveling in Myanmar: the intense construction, maintenance and expansion of the road network and the fact that the most strenuous aspects of this activity are carried out for the most part by female workers.Women in Myanmar have a relatively greater degree of independence and autonomy than in other Asian countries Continue Reading

Rosetta Bonatti – Palermo

Palermo does not need to wear the right dress to make you fall in love. It is like a Zen master who teaches you to see, in addition to the obvious one, the hidden, unexpected beauty, an authentic beauty that makes you feel the need to come back again.The Phoenicians called it ‘Zyz’, which means Continue Reading

Emanuela Corazziari – lockdown trip

In the beginning was the journey: every week around for work, to the point of not knowing where I was waking up in the morning. On February 20, 2020, as soon as I returned, I almost accidentally took a few words from the TV: Lombardy-epidemic-Covid-19. Shortly thereafter, I get a message from my boss: everyone Continue Reading

Claudio Varaldi – in viaggio con la Lupa

Ways more than ‘ndarno from the shore we start … Those who fish for real and do not have the art (Dante) Anchovies and sardines are pelagic fish very common throughout the Mediterranean; in Italy the areas most frequented by these “blue” fish are Sicily and the middle and lower Adriatic. A method to catch Continue Reading

Giulio Cesare Grandi – Balance in the confusion

I have often found myself wondering what it’s like to travel to India for the first time.I’ve never had my opportunity. I am the son of a traveler who has made India his favorite destination, so the many tales of this place have not allowed me to experience it this “first time”.However, I can show Continue Reading

Orietta Masala – Memories

My father was born in Sardinia, everything tied him to this wonderful and severe land, even if for work he had gone to the North, where he had met my mother.I lived there for 6 years after he moved to his homeland.I don’t have many memories of that period from 1970 to 1977, canceled out Continue Reading

Alessandro Malaguti – Siberia

Siberia, the Nenets land The Yamal Peninsula, in Siberia, is one of the most inhospitable and desolate places on earth covered by ice for many months a year where the surreal silence is broken only by strong winds. The sun remains low near the horizon for a few hours a day, enveloping everything with a Continue Reading

Elisa Pescina – Istanbul: un viaggio di famiglia.

Clio, dear, we didn’t go on a photographic journey, but to teach you how to travel, observe and experience places. And we used the camera to fix our adventure together in the memory. Without giving us a theme. Istanbul has offered us a lot, a lot in terms of discovery, don’t you think?Do you remember Continue Reading

Roberto Scordino – The wai khru of arjhan thoy

The wai khru ceremony is a Thai ritual in which students pay respects to teachers in order to express their gratitude and formalize the student–teacher relationship. This particular wai khru is for the Arjahn Thoy a master of the sacred art of Sak Yant, the traditional magic tattoo from Thailand.Arjhan is a Thai-language term that Continue Reading

Pia Parolin – Aluminium Slaves

In Madagascar, the city of Ambatolampy is renowned for its aluminium manufactures. Tourists are brought there by travel companies in order to buy beautiful shiny aluminium items. They are allowed to walk inside the manufactures and watch the local people at work. Young men and teenage boys make their living by melting old metal parts. Continue Reading

Riccardo Panozzo – Venezia che muore. Venezia appoggiata sul mare …”

Since 1951, the year in which it had reached its peak of almost 175,000 residents, the historic center of the most beautiful city in the world has lost more than 70% of its population, currently reaching a value of 52,000 inhabitants destined inexorably to fall again. The demographic decrease was heavily influenced by the 1966 Continue Reading

Guillaume Michel – Yuan Yang

The rice terrace fields of Yuan Yang in the Yunnan are the most beautiful ones in the world.13 years ago, I believed it was a chance to visit them, and I was wrong.In fact, the chance was to meet people, so called Hani, living there and to exchange with a different but so interesting culture. Continue Reading

Marco Parenti – la Puna Argentina

In August 2018, I set out to discover the Puna, the vast desert plateau in north-western Argentina, which extends between the two Andean mountain ranges, like the space between the two parts of a badly opened zip. I get there from Salta (a two-hour flight from Buenos Aires) first by traveling in a 4×4 across Continue Reading

claudia merighi – Un viaggio nel viaggio

Preparing for a trip to northern Romania in 2019 I contacted the Help for Family Association of Bagnacavallo (RA) which has been working in Radauti for almost 30 years to support girls and boys living in conditions of extreme poverty and social fragility and economic. In addition to the Maria Ward Center which welcomes children Continue Reading

Roberto Manfredi – Artica

The term “archipelago” to me, and I think of many others, infallibly suggests the vision of beaches tropical waters that descend into crystal clear waters, dotted with sloping palm trees that stretch out towards the sea.-Where do you go? – To the Lofoten Islands – How nice! Don’t get too much sun!Not too stupid recommendation, Continue Reading

Giuseppe Pitino – Marocco

Traveling to southern Morocco immersed in the blazing light of this strip of Africa on the edge of the desert, attracted by the people you meet on your way, by their way of living and being in the world.Freezing time to return, thanks to the camera, the emotions you have received.Take home the light of Continue Reading